What are the Benefits of Rent to Own?

The most frequently asked questions regarding the direct purchase of a home or leasing to own a home are:

  • Can I own a home if I don’t have a savings account?
  • Is it possible to get a mortgage if I don’t have credit now?
  • Can I buy a house with no down payment?
  • Can I get a mortgage if I have no money for a down-payment?
  • Can I find a mortgage if I have a low credit rating?
  • Can I afford to pay rent and still be able to sasve for a down payment?
  • Is there a way to improve my credit rating so I qualify for a mortgage?

CTLC Properties offers you the opportunity to answer all of the questions above with a resounding YES!

Realize the security and satisfaction of owning your home. We focus on providing the possibility of home ownership to responsible individuals and families in need of financial recovery. We offer the availability of a lease-to-purchase agreement with terms that permit a credit recovery period prior to closing, and retain a generous percentage of the rental payments to be applied to the down payment and closing costs at the time of purchase.

CTLC Big Three

  • Payments are not just rent. Part of the payment goes to your purchase.
  • Rent to Own allows you to make progress even if you can’t yet qualify for a loan.
  • Rent to Own allows you to Try Before You Buy – What better way to find out about a home than to actually live in it first.

CTLC Properties specializes in helping families and individuals achieve the American Dream of owning your own home even if you are starting with less than perfect credit. Our program is designed to help you make steady, documented progress towards getting your home financed by putting aside part of each of your monthly payments to help pay for closing costs, down payments or other costs associated with getting your home financed as allowed by your financial institution.

Our program revolves around a Lease with a Purchase Option. After we have agreed on the terms, we also create and print an amortization schedule that is attached to the contract as an amendment showing how much of each payment would go towards the purchase of your home when alternate financing is obtained.

We also offer assistance with contacting banks and other institutions to assist you in obtaining your financing and getting your credit scores up.

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